The Spy Who Fell to Earth

The documentary, though substantially in its information about the war itself, sometimes leaves behind the real subject of the story. A story about a spy and his unexpected death, the story of the war Yom Kippur and the story of the academic obsession of the subject. It’s not just his obsession to prove him as spy but his obsession with protecting Marwan. Every item researched and discussed is of great importance, but the attempt to pack everything meant that it is not enough to satisfy an eager audience.
What Meadmore has managed to put together is not an easy thing and made a relatively unknown subject accessible and engaged in a much wider audience than anticipated. Much more is said about the author than about Marwan; First of all, Bregman’s observation and reasons behind his book are the most important moments of the film, but this investigation into the inner workings of Mossad and his network requires a more focused view on the subject he wants to follow him.

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