Tell It to the Bees

For those of us who like our historical dramas, the film has many distinctive signs of the sub-genre. Annie (Lauren Lyle), Lydia’s sister-in-law, is a fan of the jeans and the jerseys of the navy. Jean and Lydia come out with their loops and colorful dresses. No wonder their eyes attract each other’s attention.
Even in the midst of chaos, there is a sense of calm in the naturalistic landscape.
Open from a background of musical videos, Jankel reveals Characters gradually gains the trust and affection of others. Paquin has lost love and has already suffered the prejudices of his neighbors. She is afraid to love in the way Lydia is not. Grainger falls in love with those new feelings of love after her character conquers her initial bookings.
What attracts to “Tell the bees” is the couple in his center. Although they only meet long later in the movie, watching their relationship feels just as risky. At a climatic point, bees are used as weapons against an intruder.

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