The best part of the film is the opening half hour, during which Portland.
Rowen’s character works hard to be the “perfect” mother, which makes her change her mind about everything her husband does, which does not fully support this mission. Many of her requirements are reasonable. But what captures the film is how parental politics has now become a language of power and prayer. The perspective of moving the bed in the bedroom and in the nursery turns into a psychodrama, symbolized by the fact that Gazin has to take everything apart, to pass through the door.
At a time when the roles of men and women, more than ever, are changing, the demands of parents can misunderstand them . The two have come apart as a kind of sensitive parents, who know that these days they are subjected to an excessive analysis of what they are doing. The desire to get everything “right” is their way of turning a natural process into a parental trap.

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