Escape Room

“Escape Room,” a new horror film . It’s not about a plot: six protagonists are trying to solve a series of interconnected puzzles, and death is the punishment for failure.
Also, there aren’t too many reasons for concern if these protagonists live or die, a disadvantage that, easily distinguish the “room escape” of what appears to be the greatest influence of the creators of the film “Saw” a number of pornographic films of torture that have improved strange, as its creators have become more desperate to preserve the interests of the fans .
Six heat seekers huddle in the waiting room of a Chicago office building, which has not been described. A woman’s voice tells them to wait to be seen. They follow her instructions and Exchange introductory pleasure. But then the door handle of the apartment breaks, the voice of the hostess disappears, and a powerful heater with a convection oven lights up. The film’s deadly games begin.

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