Joyce Smith and her family believed they lost everything when their teenage son John fell on frozen Saint-Louis Lake. At the hospital, John could not recover for 60 minutes, but Joyce did not want to believe this could happen. She hopes in a miracle. He gathered all his power and faith and cried out to God for his salvation. Miraculously, John’s heart began to beat again. Joyce begins to challenge any scientific and experimental evidence that tries to explain what has happened.
If there is little doubt in such stories about alleged healing by faith, it is even less for the painful reality that most similar stories do not have a “miraculous” ending. To agree, this film has a question of character for which some people live, saved by a miracle, while others, like loved ones and prayed for, die. He does not care about a possible answer, of course, because that could prevent his preaching.
If there is still doubt that you can cure yourself through faith, this film proves it’s possible. Most stories, however, do not have such a miracle. This movie wants to find out why some people die, while others live, no matter how much they pray for salvation.

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