Saving My Baby

The film begins with an unexpected monologue by Sarah, who talks about her romance with a man named Travis. As the young man walks along the beach, she reflects on their instant attraction and claims that she immediately knew he would one day be her husband. Sarah’s car spins over a tiny cliff and somehow manages to fall off it and land perfectly on her back.
She wakes up in a hospital a few days later and immediately finds out that she is no longer pregnant. She cries out for her little girl Lily, who is seen with Travis. Sarah promises to take Lily back, no matter what she has to do. It is not clear whether Travis and Sarah are married or in a relationship at this time.
It will be interesting to see why Travis decided to plan this “accident”. Maybe his relationship with Sarah is over and now he’s determined to take their daughter. If so, he did a great job because he didn’t even check if Sarah was dead . He was probably driving the car that ran off the road, and the real accident wasn’t that bad.

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