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Justice League vs. Teen Titans

At the point when the forceful inclinations of Damian practically pulverized a mission of the League of Justice, it is sent to learn collaboration and be prepared together with the Teen Titans. Alter the mentality of Damian notwithstanding, ends up being the minimum of the issues of the ‘Youngster Titans’ the point at which the Satanic father of Raven, Trigon, plot an arrangement to escape his interdimensional jail. For finish its arrival, Trigon must have the help of Raven-and for accomplish its goal, augment their strengths wicked by all the world invading is in them psyches and them groups of the League of it equity for do its will. To spare the universe and evade that the Earth actually get to be damnation, the Teen Titans must safeguard or overcoming the Justice League, and keep bolted to Trigon for time everlasting.

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