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I Am Wrath

Stanley (John Travolta, Broken Arrow, from Paris with affection) is a male normal and current that appreciates of an existence situated in the routine and in the adoration unqualified that affirms to his excellent spouse. All of a sudden, the universe of Stanley will descend when his better half is murdered by a criminal who leaves no follows. Attempting to discover a reply about the executing, Stanley will start to research the wrongdoing all alone giving, at long last, with reality: behind the murder of his significant other is a dull and endless Web of defilement where the police corps of where you live is drenched. Stanley will lose them Stirrups, making be in a vigilante without second thoughts that showed equity and will guard the law; likewise attempt to locate the genuine offenders of the passing of his darling spouse, to complete barbarous requital so hungers for.

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