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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Thirteen years after the debut of the film unique ” my enormous wedding Greek ‘, Nia Vardalos and John Corbett come back to decipher to the cute couple shaped by Toula and Ian. For this situation, the battle not lives in join to their two families and manage the distinctions that is remain between them same, yet in guarantee is of that that adoration by which battled both is keeps up live and with the enthusiasm so blazing as the principal day. So back to plunge us in the routine of these lovebirds whose more prominent curiosity is that have had a little girl called Paris to which gives life the youthful on-screen character Elena Kampouris. The puberty of Paris is gotten to be in a vocation of obstructions since his family not will permit that appreciate of a moment of peace, while it assault to questions submitted attempting to of guarantee is of that not is lose or a detail of the life of his little girl. The Portokalos back too, resolved to Paris to locate a decent Greek kid to wed.

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