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Batman vs. Superman

After a titanic battle against General Zod, Metropolis has been annihilated and Superman has turned into the most questionable figure on the planet. While it remains an image of seek after numerous, a great number of individuals think of it as an undermined for mankind and need equity for all that disarray that has conveyed to the Earth. For Bruce Wayne, Superman is unmistakably a peril to society. Fears for the eventual fate of the world by such foolhardy power far from the hand of the Government. What’s more, why put the veil and the covering for rectifying the man of steel. The contention between them is powered by disdain and requital, and nothing can prevent them battling this war. Be that as it may, another and dull risk emerges as a third man. One has one more prominent power that can put in threat the world and cause mass annihilation.

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