The story draws inspiration from Aladdin’s ” a thousand and One Nights.” But it’s not an animation. This film is about a genie who is released from the Enchanted lamp and turns into a prince.
It’s about rebirth of Disney’s business as usual, this entry being the closest to Beauty and the Beast of 2017.
Maybe that’s all one wants from the second aspect of the Disney lamp. After all, she worked for Beauty. But it is problematic when it comes to the Genie. Probably Disney’s biggest character. Will Smith was not a crazy choice at all.
There are some notable differences. This version plays the look of Smith and gives Genie a love story with Dalia, which was played by Nasim Pedrad of Saturday Night Live. In addition, when it is in ordinary human form, its natural charms vibrate well with Mena Massoud’s Aladdin. This is especially true during the scenes of Prince Ali.

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