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13 hours the secret soldiers of benghazi

On September 11, 2012, the eleventh commemoration of the assault on the twin towers of New York occurred in a strike on the U.S. Department in Benghazi (Libya) in which a few people, including U.S. Represetative passed on. UU in Libya, Christopher Stevens. He ambush to the Consulate is created as a consequence of a show in which several individuals were challenging “the blamelessness of them Muslim”, a film considered against Islamic and that criticized the figure of Mahoma. Authorities in charge of the security of the Embassy trusted that the focus was a risk, so they started shooting at the demonstrators. Not long after a few militiamen outfitted assaulted the mind boggling executing to the Ambassador American. The film is engaged in the historical backdrop of the Group of contractual workers that acted the hero of more than one thirty of individuals that is were blockaded by them aggressors. A charge of 6 exmilitares of first class that has gotten to be in the “main trust” of them casualties survivors to the assault.

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